A day visit to Naples. What to see?

A day visit to Naples. What to see? Naples is the third Italian city by population and, undoubtedly, one of the richest city of monuments, attractions and charm in the world. As Neapolitan I can say that choosing to do a day visit to Naples is a hard choice, which imposes choices on routes and what to see. After this negative premise, I have to admit that often the time is an enemy and then the number of days to spent in a city may not always be the necessary, despite this you’ll discover that the historic center of the city is very concentrated so it is not impossible to answer the canonical question: “What to see in a day visit to Naples?”.

What to see in a day visit to Naples?

what to see in Naples in 3 daysThings to see in a day visit to Naples are definitely many, then you have to wake up early in the morning.
I advice undoubtedly a strategic departure from Montesanto station, the Dante Square station or from Plebiscito Square. Get to these places is very simple by Cumana, Circumvesuviana, Metro or bus, and from these stations, from the beginning you will feel immersed in Neapolitan folklore.
But now what to see in a day visit to Naples. From the old town just mentioned you can easily visit Spaccanapoli, the Treasure of San Gennaro, Naples Underground, the Fontanelle Cemetery, Royal Palace and the Santa Chiara Church. Not bad for a one-day visit.
Among the things to do in a day visit to Naples you will not miss a walk along San Gregorio Armeno Street, the famous street of shepherds which in the Christmas season gives its best but it can give great emotions all year.

What to eat in a day visit to Naples?

How to cook the Real Neapolitan PizzaA day visit to Naples also means discovering the amazing delicacies. Without doubt the most famous dishes in Naples are pizza and spaghetti, but I recommend you pay attention to small shops which often serve excellent traditional Neapolitan dishes.
When you decide what to eat in a day to Naples don’t forget to tast at least a coffee, a baba, a puff pastry.
Do you think is too much food? Do not worry, in a day visit to Naples you will be inspired to walk for hours to be able to admire all the beauty it has to offer, and the various perfumes will continue to stimulate your appetite.

A day visit to Naples is a good idea?

As previously mentioned, Naples is a city rich in culture, monuments, amazing views. So a day visit to Naples is really an understatement. A 3 days visit to Naples is much more advisable than a day visit.
Now that we know what to see, what to do and what to eat we just have to find out where to sleep in Naples in safety and tranquility, perhaps saving some money.

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