How to get from Naples to Vesuvius? Reach Vesuvius

How to get from Naples to Vesuvius? Reach Vesuvius means making one of the most fascinating tours in the world. In fact, it’s not just walking on the cone of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, but also to immerse yourself in the most popular postcard in the world.
Obviously the volcano is quite far from the city, so if you are wondering how to get from Naples to Vesuvius, you have to know that reach the Vesuvius is not too difficult, it is not expensive, but it is not as simple as taking a subway.

How to get from Naples to Vesuvius by car?

How to get from Naples to VesuviusIt’s possible to reach Mount Vesuvius in several ways.
The easiest way to hike the volcano is getting around by car. You just need to take the A3 Napoli – Salerno motorway and exit at Torre del Greco and then follow the signs with the volcano symbol. The road is a mountain road and once arrived at the foot of the volcano there arent’ a lot of oil pumps.
Obviously, this way to get from Naples to Vesuvius is valid with departures from the city center, Pompeii, Herculaneum.

How to get from Naples to Vesuvius without car?

Reach the volcano Vesuvius without car is decidedly more complex. Reach Vesuvius from Naples you have to go in Piedigrotta Square and then take a bus, the EAVBUS Naples-Vesuvius line.
Another option to get from Naples to Vesuvius without car is to start from the Central Station, and then travel on Circumvesuviana up to Herculaneum Excavations station, or Pompeii “Villa dei Misteri” station, or Pompeii station, and then use a taxi or the Busvia del  Vesuvius.

How long to get from Naples to Vesuvius?

Reach Vesuvius, as anticipated it is not fast from Naples.
By car, without traffic jam, you just need an hour and half, while using public transport it can take several hours. Do not forget that it is a volcano which is not adjacent to the city.
I recommend, especially in summer, do not forget sunscreen, water, hats and comfortable shoes. Sometimes, in fact, the temperature can be very high.
Now you know how to get from Naples to Vesuvius.

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