How to get from Rome to Naples?

How to get from Rome to Naples? Naples and Rome are two of the largest cities in Italy and they are very close to each other. They are divided from a distance of 200 km. Although they are two cities that have much to offer, and despite a few days of travel are not enough to discover all their wonders, too many people choose to visit both.
In this post we will see how to get from Rome to Naples in quickly and economically way. Not knowing family situation, economic status, number of bags, I’ll try to show in detail the different ways to accomplish this small adventure.

How to get from Rome to Naples by car?

Getting from Rome to Naples  by car is very simple. It’s a particularly suitable and economical type of trip for groups of 4-5 people with not too much luggage.
The entire trip, depending on the driver, will have a duration of about 3 hours. The road is very simple and is well cared for, in fact, the road is the A1 motorway that connects Naples to Milan. Obviously from Rome you have to choose the direction for Naples. The cost of the trip, fuel and tolls, is approximately 60 EUR round trip. I do not show you all the roads to follow, you need just search for them on Google Maps or on any browser.

How to get from Rome to Naples by train?

castle of the eggGetting from Rome to Naples by train is very easy, from Roma (Roma Termini) you have to reach the station in Naples (Stazione Centrale). How to get to Naples city centre from Stazione Centrale? Read here.
Which train to get from Rome to Naples? There are several trains that make it possible. In fact, to get from Rome to Naples, there are different fares, tickets and times.
The cheapest train is called Regionale and has a cost of about 13 euro and a trip that lasts about 3 hours and 30.
The most expensive train is called Freacciarossa, but there are also the Frecciargento and Frecciabianca, which connects the two cities in about an hour. The cost is quite variable depending on the seasons and the days, usually the prices start at 25 euro.
A good compromise is the IC Intercity train with a price of around 20 Euros.
Getting from Rome to Naples by train is practically possible from 7 am to 21 with trains that run frequently. Besides these hours passes about one train every hour until the closing of the stations.
You can find all the timetables and book tickets on the Trenitalia site.

How to get from Rome to Naples by plane?

Getting from Rome to Naples by plane is undoubtedly the most expensive method, and in my opinion also the most uncomfortable. In fact, the flight takes about an hour but between check-in and check-out times increase significantly.
However the connections between the two cities are very frequent.

Now you know how to get from Rome to Naples?

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