How to get to Naples?

How to get to Naples? Getting to Naples, Italy, is quite easy.
You can get to Naples in several ways: by sea, by land, by train or by plane. Obviously the cost of the trip will depend on the location of departure and on the number of travelers, however, Naples is well connected with the world and, therefore, it will never be a too expensive trip.
In this article we will understand how to get to Naples city center.

How to get to Naples from port

The Port of Naples, docking place of many cruises, is located in a strategic area and very close to downtown. Specifically, you can get to Naples from port on foot, by taxi, with shuttle services, by metro or by bus. I personally recommend, wherever and whenever possible, according to the suitcases and age, to get to the center on foot. In fact, most hotels and attractions are within 1.5 kilometers.
How to get to Naples from port by train? The Piazza Municipio station of subway (Line 1) is close enough and it will bring you in every place of Naples. Taxis in Naples are not particularly expensive and an average ride costs between 10 and 20 Euros. As for buses, however, I advise against them because in Naples can be a lot of traffic and the buses are rarely punctual.

How to get to Naples from airport

Are you asking yourself how to get to Naples from airport? Getting to Naples from airport is really very simple, however, lacks a subway which connects the sity centre to the airport.
The best way to arrive in Naples from there is the Alibus. This bus within minutes, and at a cost of 3 euro, brings you to the center of Naples. Tickets can be purchased on board and at the resale Sun Store in the Naples International Airport (Capodichino). The Alibus has several central destinations, the most interesting are the Port of Naples and Central Station.

How to get to Naples from Central Station?

how to get to naplesWhen you arrive at Naples Central Station to get to the center it is possible using two Metro lines. Both lines go through the center. The stops of interest are for Line 1 (yellow): Cavour, Dante, Toledo and Municipio. As for the Line 2 (blue) the best stop is Montesanto.
How to get to Naples from Central Stration? I recommend the Line 2 because it is more modern, more beautiful, more comfortable and better equipped. Remember that you can’t buy tickets on board.
I think that the metro lines are the simpliest way to get to Naples in absolute.

How to get to Naples by car?

I guess if you’ve arrived in Naples by car you have used a browser, and then there will be not difficult to get to the places you want. Naples is well connected by highways and then there will not have been hard to reach. In particular, you can reach Naples from the North via the A1 highway and from South by A3 highway.
Once in Naples, remember that much of the center is pedestrianized, so beware fines.

Now we know how to get to Naples without doubt.

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