How to visit Castello a Mare in Palermo

How to visit Castello a Mare in Palermo (also known as Castle by the Sea)? To visit Palermo will not be enough just to dedicate a few days in a long Sicilian tour, however, among the things to do in Sicily definitely, today I want to talk about one of the main monuments of Palermo. Today I will explain how to visit Castello a Mare and what to see inside it.
Castello a Mare, called in English Castle by the Sea, is a building that is located on the north side of the port of Palermo. The historical function of the castle was defensive, as many towers and castles built in the past centuries by the sea.

How to visit Castello a Mare in Palermo, some info

visit Castello a Mare in Palermo
Pic by Massimiliano Purpura via Flickr under CC license

Castello a Mare is located exactly in the archaeological park of Castellammare, really close to the Cala, in the Loggia quarter of Palermo. Its origins are very old, perhaps even more than we think. In fact, some remains found during archaeological excavations reveal a dating perhaps even older than that estimated, although it is not possible to establish a certain date.
Visiting Castello a Mare means discovering one of the most interesting monuments.
Carefully plan your visit here. In fact, Castello a Mare is not just a tourist site, but it is also a structure used for events and ceremonies during the summer season.
Every year, in summer, you can attend concerts and live events, to spend a quiet evening outside under the Sicilian sky in company of stars and good music.

The history of Castello a Mare

You cannot visit Castello a Mare without knowing its history. Castello a Mare is a famous monument of the city, which has undergone many changes over the centuries. The first buildings date back to the ninth century, in the Arab-Norman period.
The area was very extensive and wide, in order to host defenses and artillery to defend themselves from attack.
Over the years it seems that in the Bourbon age Castello a Mare has been used to address several defense action.
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Visit Castello a Mare in Palermo nowdays

In 1848, the year the Sicilian insurrection in Palermo, the Castello a Mare was used to bombard the city itself with devastating results. In fact, after the ruling forces left the Sicilian territory, the property underwent a massive dismantling. Several areas were seriously damaged, and the Castello a Mare of Palermo was almost completely demolished. A pity for the Sicilian history and the whole of Italy. Nowdays , you can visit Castello a Mare and its ruins still present. Especially the outer ones show breadth and potential of what once was an imposing fortress in Palermo.

How to visit Castello a Mare: timetable

It’s possible to visit Castello a Mare in Palermo every day and the entry is free. You have to pay only the inputs for live events and concerts mentioned before.
These days and times are fixed:

  • weekdays in winter time – from 9 to 16:30
  • weekdays in summer time – from 9 to 18

On holidays you can visit the Castello a Mare in Palermo from 9 till 13. The main entrance to access it is Patti Street.

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