I’m becoming a travel blogger?

I’m becoming a travel blogger? Perhaps, much more probably that I dream it. The only certainties of this moment are that I love traveling, I love learning languages, I love having a blog and I like to dabble with anything that I don’t know. At the moment I have the illusion of being able to share with the world what I have learned in my many travel: London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Prague, Brussels, Tokyo, Lisbon. The list is longer but we’ll see it in a bit of time.

becoming a travel bloggerHow I’m becoming a travel blogger. I decided to begin from the city where I live, and for now the goal is to write about a place at a time, without the anxiety of having to act quickly and without the anxiety of visitors. That’s why I have not installed any counter.
I said, I decided to begin from the city where I live and I love, Naples. Why did I decide to write a blog in English if I’m Italian? Simply because I want to refine my English and I hope this is a good way. I am sure that the blog will be full of grammatical errors and I apologize to all of this.
In fact, all articles are translated in Italian too, so short, as soon as I finish the graphics and layout of All Days Travel, the Italian version will be born. And who knows, maybe will be born other versions in other languages.

Am I becoming a travel blogger?

I have many doubts about it, but to be honest it is a thought that I’ve always had. Maybe it’s time to go all the way.
I know that the road is long, and that there is a ruthless competition. I’ve seen that the quality tends to decrease but, I’m a communications expert. So why not.
At the end of the response. The answer will come as always at the end.

Happy reading, I hope that the online presence of the blog will be helpful.

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