My trip to Dublin, Ireland

My latest adventure took me to Ireland, in Dublin. My trip to Dublin was amazing. I visited many European capitals, but this city has a very different charm. We’re used to visit cities rich in history and monuments, and in this Dublin has blown me away. The main attraction here is the Irish folklore, the laid-back lifestyle, life pub. This does not mean that the Irish capital has not monuments and history to offer, but simply offer them differently.

My trip to Dublin. The arrival

After some doubts about flight due to a strike, I get to the Irish capital to start my trip to Dublin. Getting from the airport to the city center was a snap, thanks to a bus, the Airlink, which took me almost off the entrance of my accommodation in Lower Gardiner Street, just about a 5 minute walk from Temple Bar. I decided to spend the afternoon wandering in the city center, despite was January, the temperature was pleasant.
From the first steps you understand what the city has to offer. Despite was Monday, the pubs were crowded with dancing and live Irish song, rivers of Guinness  and Hop House, and tasting Whiskey of any kind. Among a tasting and the other (the prices are not really reasonable), I always versed more in the center of Dublin and I arrived in Temple Bar.
I’ve always thought that Temple Bar is a tourists crowded spo,t snubbed by the Irish, but maybe  thanks to the winter, there were not many tourists, and so I could enjoy the Irish way of life. The city is very small, so I decided to go to the Brazen Head, the oldest pub in the city, founded in distant 1198. Between a walk, a chat and a beer I scored on the map the shortest roads to get to places of interest.

My trip to Dublin. The second day

Temple Bar in DublinTravelling from Naples, I have not suffered from any jet lag, and I got up early. I left the hotel and I enjoyed a great Full Irish Breakfast (sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans) and after a nice coffee (very long). I walked to the Guinness Storehouse. Along the walk I enjoyed the Penny Bridge, part of Trinity College, the outside of Dublin Castle and the statue of Molly Malone. After about an hour of walking I arrived at the Guinness Storehouse, 20 euro ticket, book online you save the 10%. The building is the old Guinness Brewery adjacent to the new. To be honest the Guinness Storehouse was not in the itinerary of my trip to Dublin, however, I was convinced that it was to no be missed. The Guinness Storehouse is a 5 fllors building, beautifully decorated, full of multilingual multimedia displays, and with free audio guides in many languages. Here is described the history of the national beer, its production, the history of the Guinness family, the history of the factory, and trhere are some tasting. On the 5th floor, at the terrace they offered us a nice cold Guinness to drink while watching the view of Dublin from above. On the ground floor the inevitable brand store. It was a good idea the visit to the Guinness Storehouse in my trip to Dublin? I think so although 20 Euros seem excessive.
It was early afternoon and I continued on my way back through the Liffey Ruver and directing to the Vegetable Market. But I arrived in front of the Old Jameson Distillery and decided to enter. Jameson Whiskey is the national whiskey, even here the liquor recipe, history and tasting. I continued my journey trying to get close to the accommodation and trying to figure out what to eat. We decided Irish Stew and Dublin Coddle, I have to say really good either. And to follow, Pub Tour.

My trip to Dublin. The third day to Howth

Howth lighthouseIn my trip to Dublin could not be missed a walk to Howth, I love lighthouses. Howth is a fishing village adjacent to Dublin, you can get there with the DART in about 30 minutes and doing a ticket, 6 Euros with return.
The place is charming, out of the station you can decide to keep the left and walk along that I christened as the restaurants street and then find the lighthouse in front of, or go straight and turn around the harbor to sit in the foothills of the lighthouse. Personally I recommend both directions because the place is lovely, and the wildlife is rich. I was lucky enough to see seals in the wild.
In my trip to Dublin could not be missed a lunch at Howth, where it says that you can eat the best seafood in Dublin. The variety is huge, salmon, smoked salmon, john dory, cod, hake, sole, squid, crabs, lobsters. In short, there is something for all tastes and all budgets. I tasted my best smoked salmon and monkfish.
At Howth, over the harbor and the lighthouse, I recommend you visit the Bird Island and one of the Martello Towers that inspired Joyce’s Ulysses.
In my trip to Dublin I have dedicated the third afternoon to the visit of Trinity College and the Old Library.

My trip to Dublin. The fourth day in Dalkey

In every trip there is always something that you would do differently. In my trip to Dublin in my fourth day I would not stay in Dalkey. DART usual, the usual 6 Euros round trip, 40 minutes by train. They say Dalkey is the typical Irish residential district, to me it seemed a place for rich people, full of cottage with a spectacular view for many people almost unattainable without a car. In short, the place is nice but to sacrifice half a day so it seems to me too.
I spent that afternoon in Dublin visiting the interior of the Castle and along the shopping streets looking for some souvenir: Grafton Street and O’Connell Street.
In the evening I devote to Irish cuisin: fish and chips, beer and whiskey (no exaggeration).

My trip to Dublin. The fifth day

Dublin CastleI dedicated the fifth day of my trip to Dublin to the main churches and museums. The two main churches are St. Patrick Cathedral, really gorgeous, and Christ Church Cathedral in the vicinity of the Castle. In fact there are many more churches, but in this my trip to Dublin was not really in the mood.
As museums I visited the National Museum of Decorative Arts & History and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Both museums are very beautiful but do not expect the Vatican Museums.

My trip to Dublin ends in this way, I will try to explain what is written by inserting links to further information. You guessed my considerations on the Dublin at the begin of the post, a city to be enjoyed and lived in its tradition and its folklore rather than in its monuments.

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