How to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius?

How to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius? Do an excursion up Mount Vesuvius is a truly fascinating experience, imagine you are on top of the crater of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world while you are enjoying a breathtaking view and maybe you might just understand a little bit what I’m writing about.
Generally, when evaluating how to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius the things to consider are different: climate and temperature, the ability to drive in mountain roads, the presence of children in the group, physical capacity. Considering these variables we will decide if our visit to Vesuvius will organized with a tour operator, with organized buses or simply by your own car (or car rental).

How to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius? Things to see

How to get from Naples to VesuviusUsually the tour lasts about three hours. Walk along a breathtaking scenic drive up to an altitude of 1050 meters, from where you continue on foot along a path for about 30 minutes up to the crater.
From here you can see one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, a 360 ° view of Naples, Salerno, the Gulf of Naples and its islands. In short, it is something not to be missed.
One of the first things to understand when deciding how to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius is that once in a Quota 1000 Point (with parking and bar) all difficulties are overcome, you just need to enjoy the walk along the most dangerous volcano in the world.
From the top of the crater you can admire the immense cone which has a diameter of over 700 meters, you can touch the various volcanic rocks, and you can take the best selfie in the world. In short, if you are wondering how to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius don’t be intimidated by the small difficulties and remember that you are considering how to make a unique experience of its kind and extremely fascinating.
In short, even for a short visit to Naples of a few days, a tour of Mount Vesuvius is a must.

How to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius? Difficulties

On my first trip to Mount Vesuvius I committed a big mistake, I went there in the middle of August. Temperature on the cone can be very high and not even a gentle breeze can make you feel better. Moreover, the drinks sold in kiosks are very expensive and bar are very few along the way. So if you are thinking how to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius remember to bring water, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, maybe a snack. If you can not go hiking on the volcano in the middle of August.
Children usually get tired before the adults and a tour of Mount Vesuvius means walking several hundred meters uphill on a rough road. Organize yourselves well before doing so.
If you are considering how to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius by car, remember that you will drive along in a mountain road, with a few gas stations, a few tire shops, a few bars. So it will be good idea to do a car check.

How to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius? Better organized group or on your own

I’ll start saying that for groups of more than 5 people is preferable a tour of Mount Vesuvius in an organized group or with a private bus both from a financial perspective both in terms of organization. Just type the magic words “how to prepare a tour on Vesuvius organized” on Google and you’ll see dozens of proposals. In general the cost per person ranges is from 10 to 30 Euros depending on the place of departure. I recommend starting from Pompeii Ruins which undoubtedly is the most economical solution. But you can also arrange day trips to Mount Vesuvius from Naples or Rome, in this case starts will be respectively from Piazza Garibaldi and Rome Termini.
In many cases, these solutions will also avoid the long climb on Vesuvius cone, and you will move comfortably on small buses.
If you haven’t booked online, you are in the area, and do not know how to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius just ask your hosts, the solutions are really a lot, and for all budgets. It’s also possible book them by going to Naples Central Station, from the Pompeii station, from Salerno or from Pompeii or Herculaneum. In short, it’s simple.
For those who decided to take a tour of Mount Vesuvius with your own car, I suggest you follow this link to find out the best directions, and my advice in this regard from Naples.

Now you know how to prepare a tour of Mount Vesuvius.

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