San Gregorio Armeno, the street of the shepherds in Naples

San Gregorio Armeno Street in Naples, also known as the street of the shepherds, is undoubtedly one of the most colorful and picturesque corner of the city of Naples.
San Gregorio Armeno Street is an indispensable stop for all those who decide to visit Naples, not only for its charm, because it is located adjacent to several places of interest such as Piazza Dante, Spaccanapoli, Naples Underground.
In short, whether you decide to visit the city for a week, whether you decide to visit Naples in three days, the street of the shepherds is definitely something to see, at least in my opinion.

San Gregorio Armeno Street in Naples, some information

San Gregorio Armeno StreetOnce the street of the shepherds in Naples was a road which connected the two decumani, this is the why San Gregorio Armeno Street was a cornerstone of Roman architecture. Today, the road has lost most of its urban utilities, leaving space for artisans’shops of all sorts, but especially presepiali masters who set out its pastors and its cribs (presepi) all year.
But when San Gregorio Armeno in Naples has become the street of the shepherds? The crib tradition of San Gregorio Armeno Street has a very ancient origin, in fact, in classical times there was a temple dedicated to Ceres, at which the citizens offered as a votive offering small statues, they were manufactured in the nearby shops. The birth of the Neapolitan crib, however, is much more recent and dates from the late eighteenth century.

When visiting San Gregorio Armeno in Naples? Only at Christmas?

Undoubtedly San Gregorio Armeno Street offers the best in the Christmas period, when all the shepherds and cribs are exposed, and when all the shops are crowded with onlookers and tourists. In this time of the year Naples offers to tourists a fantastic Christmas atmosphere.
However, in other time of the year you can walk the street without the Christmas rush and so you can admire the work of artisans quietly. In short, it will depend on your way to travel and on the time available. Anyway San Gregorio Armeno Street will not disappoint you.

How to get to San Gregorio Armeno Street?

How to reach the street of the shepherds is almost a rhetorical question, in fact, it is situated in the historic city center and it is within walking distance from the main places of interest and from Spaccanapoli.
If you will not stay at the city center, or if you want to reach San Gregorio Armeno Street by metro, the simplest solution is to get off at the Piazza Dante stop, Metro Line 1, reach Port’Alba and from there, through San Sebastiano Street, reach Benedetto Croce Street (a stretch of Spaccanapoli).

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