Santa Chiara Church in Naples

Why visit the Santa Chiara Church in Naples (in Italian Basilica di Santa Chiara)? The complex of Santa Chiara, the church and cloister, is located in near Gesù Nuovo Square and is among the largest and most important monastic complex of Naples.
Santa Chiara Church in NaplesThe Santa Chiara Church in Naples was built between 1310 and 1328 and it was wanted by Roberto d’Angiò, he was a particularly devoted sovereign to St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare.
The church was originally built in the Gothic style by Gagliardo Primario, but in the seventeenth and eighteenth century was extensively restored in the Baroque style. After the bombings that struck heavily it in 1943, and after a fire which destroyed it almost entirely, it has been restored to its original look. The building operation was concluded in 1953.
Visiting Santa Chiara Church in Naples means to visit the largest Gothic church of the city, it’s characterized by a monastery which includes four monumental cloisters, archaeological excavations in the surrounding area and several other rooms. Some area includes the visit the choir of the Poor Clares, with remains of frescoes by Giotto, a large refectory, the sacristy.

The Santa Chiara Church in Naples and its fantastic interior

The facade of the Santa Chiara Church in Naples is sober and imposing, with a large rose window. The bell tower is separated from the property, and was started in 1328 but completed in ‘500.
The church looks like a tall, large and rectangular room lined with chapels. These chapels contain the remains of the kings of Naples and the remains of Salvo d’Acquisto.
Adjacent to the church is the choir of the Poor Clares, which preserves the original structure and the remains of the original fourteenth-century frescoes attributed to Giotto.
Do not miss in a visit to the Santa Chiara Church in Naples the famous majolica cloister of the Poor Clares. The Monastery of Santa Chiara was originally in gothic matrix, but in 1742 the 72 octagonal pillars were covered with beautiful tiles in the Rococò style.

How to visit Santa Chiara Church in Naples?

Visit Santa Chiara Church in Naples is very simple and inexpensive. The church opening hours are every day from 7:30 to 13:00 and then from 16:30 to 20:00.
As just said the cost of the ticket is ridiculously low, just 6 Euros with the possibility of discounts for groups, seniors and students.
Getting to the Santa Chiara Church in Naples is quite simple as it is situated in the heart of the historic center of Naples, a few minutes of walk from the Royal Palace, Plebiscito Square, the Fontanelle Cemetery or from the Veiled Christ.
By train the best solutions are the Dante stop (Line 1), the Montesanto stop (Line 2), or Montesanto stop by Cumana train.

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