Spaccanapoli, the best way to visit Naples

Visiting Spaccanapoli is undoubtedly the best way to visit the historic center of Naples. But what is Spaccanapoli? Is it a road? It is nothing, it’s just a common word to identify a set of roads which virtually cut the city in two sides.
spaccanapoliWhy is it popular? The image I used in this post is particularly evocative, in fact it shows the groove that divides the city and it has become, with the Gulf of Naples, one of the most popular postcards of the city.
The importance of Spaccanapoli, however, also stems from the fact that along this series of roads you can see many interesting and characteristic views of Naples, and to reach countless monuments.

Spaccanapoli and its streets

The origin of Spaccanapoli dates back to the Roman Era and the ancient Neapolis. The ancient city was crossed by two decumani, one upper and one lower. The lower decumano is Spaccanapoli. In the past it was divided into three parts while today this division is almost invisible. However, the itinerary is still divided into three segments:

  • Beginning with Gesù Nuovo Square to continue for Benedetto Croce Street, going through San Domenico Maggiore Square, the Nilo Square and Largo Corpo di Napoli;
  • The central part is San Biagio dei Librai Street;
  • Instead, Giudecca Vecchia Street, a part of Forcella zone, after the intersection with Duomo Street, it is the final stretch.

What to see in Spaccanapoli?

As I said earlier, the popularity of the itinerary is due to the fact that you can admire many monuments and places of interest from here. Among them I really like the Church of Gesu Nuovo, the Santa Chiara Church, San Gregorio Armeno, of course the Duomo and the San Gennaro Treasure.
Visiting Spaccanapoli you can admire a lot of historic buildings and the Neapolitan popular housing, with alleys and the classic image of the clothes to dry between a balcony and the other.
But visiting Spaccanapoli it is not just this, it’s to immerse yourself in working, studying, going to university Naples. At the sides of the itinerary there are souvenir shops, pizza restaurants, bars with Neapolitan coffee, babas and classic puff pastries.

In short, a key route in the itinerary of every good tourist. Easy to get, cheap and full of interesting places.

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