Things to do and things to see in Palermo

Things to do in Palermo and things to see in Palermo, an unforgettable and unmissable city. The holidays are upon us and if you are preparing a holiday in beautiful Sicily, Palermo is definitely a destination that you cannot miss. Sicily is a large territory, with many sights to see and many things to do, and especially the capital city has much history to tell.
If you are planning a few days trip in the beautiful city in the heart of Southern Italy, you have to know that there are many things to do in Palermo, cultural city which can also offer unique and unforgettable moments of leisure. In this guide, I’ll try to quickly collect what are the main things to see in Palermo, and what to do when you reach it.
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Things to see in Palermo: the historic center

Palermo Cathedral
Pic by freshcreator via Flickr under CC license

Palermo is a city with a mysterious and undeniable charm, the old town has been marked by the passage of many peoples which, in past ages, have walked on Sicilian soil, invading it and leaving indelible marks. One of the first things to do in Palermo is undoubtedly visit the cathedral, a huge church dedicated to the Virgin Mary of the Assumption. It was proclamed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in July of 2015. The structure of the church has Baroque and has many Arabic features, to witness how different peoples have left their mark in the city and specifically in Palermo Cathedral. Its preciousness is given by the conservation of the Royal Remains of Sicily and by the Southern Chapel dedicated to patron saint of the city, Santa Rosalia.
The building known as La Martorana is another of the things to see in Palermo, it’s a building dedicated to Saint Mary, it fully represents the architecture in Arabic and Norman style.

The Pretoria Fountain among things to do in Palermo

A visit to the magnificent Pretoria Fountain is definitely something not to be missed in the beautiful Sicilian city. This fountain is locates in Pretoria Square and is regarded as a unique beauty. But why is Pretoria Fountain one of the things to see in Palermo? This fountain is a symbol of the city and is considered one of the most beautiful fountains of the Italian peninsula. The fountain was designed in Florence and only later was transported to the capital Palermo. The story says that it was commissioned in 1500 by Louis De Toledo, who wanted a fountain to adorn his garden. At his death, his son, full of debts, decided to sell the fountain which was purchased by the Palermo Senate to be placed in front of the Praetorian Palace.

Things to see in Palermo? Massimo Theatre and much more

Massimo Theatre
Pic by Helder da Rocha via Flickr under CC license

Among the many things to do in Palermo, of course you cannot forget to visit the Massimo Theatre. In addition to being one of the most important building of the city it is one of the largest opera buildings in Italy and the third in Europe. So we are talking about an important cultural element and strong international artistic impact. And of course it’s a must among the things to see in Palermo.
I anticipated that different ethnic groups have populated this wonderful land, in the Chinese House we find another precious testimony of the popular variety that distinguishes the Sicilian city. Surely among the things to do in Palermo there is a visit to this building to appreciate its architectural beauty. This building was also the residence of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon and his wife Carolina.
Are you still wondering what to see in Palermo? This city has a lot to offer, such as the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, located on top of Mount Pellegrino and built in the cave where the saint spent the last years of his earthly life.

Among the things to do in Palermo don’t forget the sea

The Sicilian Coast is among the most popular in Italy, although it is not as famous as  the Sorrento Coast. Then, we have to talk about Mondello and its special sea, unique, clear, crystal blue, really memorable for beach lovers. In short, even if the things to see in Palermo are so many you’ll need to enjoy a few relaxing hours. When you are on the beach of Mondello, you will have the impression of being in paradise. This is a must in the summer, when the days are sultry. In short, one of the things to do in Palermo is a dip in the waters of Mondello. Of course you will enjoy long walks along the sea all year round, the view and the scenery are spectacular.

Things to eat in Palermo

Now that you have had a taste of the things to see in Palermo you just have to lose yourself in its aromas and flavors. Yes, among the things to do in Palermo undoubtedly the traditional cuisine has a prominent role. Where? It doesn’t matter, just go to a local restaurant to taste the delicacies that you will remember for ever. And here, just to let you salivating, a short list of what to eat in Palermo: Pasta with Sardines, Sicilian Arancini, Mussu and Carcagnuolu, Baked Anelletti, Parmigiana, Sardines Beccaficu, Cannoli Pastry and the classic Cassata Cake. In short, forget your perfect waistline.
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Now you know what to do in Palermo and what to see in Palermo. Discover where you should stay in the Sicilian capital.

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