Things to eat in Sicily

Are you curious to know what are the things to eat in Sicily? You’re in the right place! If you visit this beautiful land, warm and kissed by sun and sea all year round, you may get lost in flavors of typical dishes of the Trinacria. From appetizers to desserts, from breakfast to the dinner, you can taste dishes of various kinds. Whether you are staying in Palermo, in Catania, in Syracuse or in Agrigento, among the things to eat in Sicily, you have to taste the Sicilian Arancini. They are prepared with rice, meat sauce. Sicilian Arancini has a typical flavor of stringy mozzarella contained in the filling, they are something you will always remember.
If you go on vacation in Sicily, forget the weight, at least during that period. There will be time to put you on a diet, but in this southern land, you cannot think about the perfect waistline. And now, let’s find out all the best things to eat in Sicily.

What to eat in Sicily? As a first course: Pasta alla Norma

things to eat in Sicily
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What to order when you enter a Sicilian restaurant?
Among the things to eat in Sicily, as first course you absolutely must taste is the Pasta alla Norma, usually prepared with pens pasta. The flavor of the eggplant, oil and grated ricotta used to season this dish, with some basil leaves, will delight your palate.
How to prepare Pasta alla Norma? A perfect marriage between durum wheat, fried eggplant in virgin olive oil, tomato sauce and a sprinkling of ricotta salata. It all is completed with the flavor of fresh basil.
The name of this dish is up to expectations, “Norma” is the title of a famous lyric opera. It appears, according to the Sicilian beliefs, that this name was given by the Sicilian journalist Nino Martoglio, who compared the excellence of this dish to the lyric opera. Just try it and include this dish¬†among the things to eat in Sicily.

What to eat in Sicily as main course? Not only fish

Sarde a Beccafico
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If you do not know what to eat in Sicily as a main course, the advice is addressed to the sea food. If you are staying in a coastal area, you cannot miss dishes of fish which represent a real culinary attraction. The “Sarde a Beccafico” is a typical Sicilian food, it’s made with sardines, pine nuts, raisins, bay leaf, lemon and garlic cloves. It can be served open or filled, according to the tastes and variations offered by different chefs of the moment.
Sardines are a traditional food, all tourists use to include this dish among the things to eat in Sicily. The preparation is not laborious, so if you want you can cook it on your own and thy them at home. You just have to be careful where you buy sardines and be sure of the freshness of the fish. Stuffed with bread crumbs seasoned with ingredients or open and fried in oil, “Sardines a Beccafico” are history and tradition of Sicily. A tasting is always present among the things to eat in Sicily. The freshness and the quality of the flavor will win you over.
Another typical food is the “Sicilian Caponata“. It is a riot of local vegetables, eggplant, peppers, onion and tomato. The Sicilian Caponata is the most famous dish of the island, you may eat it in all the territory with its variants. In some provinces they add the capers, olives in others, instead, potatoes in others. It is a dish always included among the things to eat in Sicily, you cannot leave the island without taste it.

Things to eat in Sicily, dream desserts

Sicilian Cassata
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If you do not know what to eat in Sicily at the end of your meal, one sweet very special is the famous Ricotta Cannoli. A divine goodness, it is prepared with the well-seasoned ricotta with candied grapes, a little bit of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon to flavor the ricotta. It is a great dessert or a delicious breakfast. You will not easily forget cannoli ricotta. The classic recipe wants the cannoli stuffed with sheep ricotta, and it is his classic feature, but today there are several variations to accommodate some different tastes. You can taste it, for example, with the chocolate cream and a light powder pistachio coverage.
And there’s more? How to forget among the things to eat in Sicily the Siciliana Cassata? This is the Sicilian dessert for excellence, known throughout the world. The basis is always the sheep ricotta, in addition there are the candied fruit and almonds. Its preparation is a real art and it is always present in the lists which indicate what to eat in Sicily.

Obviously these are just a few things to eat in Sicily, to make a list would be enough not a whole website.
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