Best things to see and things to do in Prague

In this article I’ll try to describe the main things to see and things to do in Prague in a few days. Visiting Prague means to immerse oneself in the center of Czech culture, reviving the glories and forgettable moments of a people, of a nation, through the many monuments and places of the capital.
Prague, Praha in Czech, is the largest city in the Czech Republic and its capital since 1993. Political and cultural center of Bohemia and the Czech state for over 1100 years.

What to see in Prague? Here are the main things to see in Prague

things to see in pragueIt’s not at all easy to suggest what to see in Prague in a few days, is one of the richest cities in history and culture in the world. So I will try to mention the best things that I think are essentials, and the main places to see.
Let’s start from the old city, called Staré Město, characterized by the Old Square, known for its Astronomical Clock. From this square you can admire the Church of San Nicola and Kinský Palace in a truly breathtaking gothic frame. I’d be willing to bet that all of you had already put the Astronomical Clock (Orloj Staroměstský in Czech) among the things to do in Prague.
From there, walking through the fantastic Charles Bridge, there is instead Malá Strana (the Little Town) above which there is the Prague Castle. There is very little to say about the various elements that compose it, partly Romanesque, partly Gothic and partly Renaissance, they form a complex with a beauty and impressiveness hard to match. It’s useless to waste time talking about it, the only sensible thing is to see it with their own eyes.

Things to do in Prague absolutely!

what to do in PragueBut visiting Prague is not only this. A short distance from Prague Castle you will find the Golden Lane, where legend says that the alchemists were working to create the Philosopher’s Stone. Folklore aside, Golden Lane is a very beautiful street where it is pleasant to stop for a coffee or take a break.
Of course Prague has much more to offer and list some names of monuments certainly cannot pay off the speech. On the list of the most beautiful things to do in Prague we find the Jewish Quarter, Wenceslas Square and more or less every street and every bar in town. But if you have the time and the desire to change the air in a couple of hours you can reach Kutna Hora, the capital of Central Bohemia.
Besides its architectural beauty and historical importance, this city is often associated to the Ossuary Sedlec, a nearby chapel containing the bones of tens of thousands of skeletons, positioned to form Coats of Arms, chandeliers and candelabras. Definitely a thing to see in Praga, near Praga, and a monument not to be missed.

What to do in Prague, but mainly what to eat in the capital of the Czech Republic

what to do in PragueCzech cuisine is full of tasty and high-calorie meals, as expected it should be. Fortunately, Prague has plenty of excellent places where you can try all kinds of specialties at a very affordable price. Among the things to eat in Prague you should try at least one soup. Sitting in a restaurant you can immediately notice that an important part of the menu is occupied by the section of the soups: potato, cabbage, velvety carrot or onion. They are so many and they generally constitute the first course in a pasto. Obviously, among the best things to do in Prague will not miss a full meal. One of the most typical and symbolic dishes (which also is under Hungarian tradition) is the Goulash. A stew of meat which is often served in a hollowed bread. One of things to do in Prague in the restaurants is to try to decipher the menu identifying the less popular dishes beacause it can give great satisfaction to gourmets. For example, The pork shank, the rooster, the duck, the palachinki (a sort of crepes, sweet or savory) and, of course, a multitude of potato-based dishes are less characteristic but excellent.

Things to do in Prague and where to eat!

Advice on what to eat in Prague? The question isn’t what to eat in Prague, but where to eat in Prague. The general advice is to avoid too central and too frequented by tourists places. So as not to run into poor food and pumped up prices. Of course this is not easy things in one of the most visited cities in the world, where every alley, street or square jostle rivers of people from all over the world.
One of the best things to do in Prague is to arm yourself with patience at lunchtime to dodge the dozens of tourist restaurants. However, looking around you can find excellent restaurants where also spend 7-8 € for a full meal (of course, a meal can not be such if it includes at least two mugs of Pilsner Urquell).
For myself, I would recommend without reserves U Magistra Kelly and U Mlejnice. The latter is a “chain”, in fact they are two, one in the Jewish Quarter and one near the clock tower.

So what to do in Prague to eat a good meal or fastly?

If you do not want to sit but prefer eat something fastly while visiting the neighborhoods of the city, you will be satisfied with every order. Enjoying one of the many plates of Czech street food is one of the things to do in Prague. And so, even if you didn’t write it among the things to eat in Prague I recommend you try the street food par excellence. It’s easy to find kiosks selling hot-dog, which you can sample with pork, beef, lamb or chicken.
Of course, the street-food par excellence is what they call “Prague Ham“: in this case, especially in the historic center, you will find huts baking embers of this excellent meat which is served with spicy bread.
To round off your fast meal is inevitable taste a Trdlo, pasta cylinder coated with sugar, cinnamon and almonds cooked on coals. Absolutely one of the things to do in Prague.

A pitcher of beer, one thing to do in Prague absolutely

It’s become the country in the world with the highest beer consumption per capita. Pilsner Urquell accompanies a Czech at every stage of his life and of his day. You already know that I’m advising a sip of this beer on the list of things to do in Prague.
It is found everywhere, from the fancy restaurant at the kiosk in the street, for my joy and of those who like to take off the sand from the mouth with a cold beer.
Price rarely exceeds 1.5 € and the low alcohol content means that the standard size is half-liter, negative element in case there is not a nearby bathroom.
We’re talking about a simple pils and not too good but, if drunk in the right place, might have a different flavor. This is the case of Zlateho Tygra, one of the oldest breweries in the city and absolutely among the things to see in Prague. Here there is no menu, the beer is only one, and you will be taken continuously. There are beautiful blondes wenches to serve but pot-bellied men, and also quite grumpy, but one evening here well worth.

Not only beer among the things to do in Prague, or rather, between things to drink in Prague

However you do not live by beer, even in Prague.
For this reason, along these streets you can also find the Hemingway Bar, one of the best cocktail bars in the world. Definitely, one of the best things to see in Prague.
Here you will be greeted by friendly and formal staff, as in the style of the restaurant, which will offer a selection of drinks that will put you in serious trouble at the time of choice. The only solution is to try them all, but respecting the “rulez” imposed by local! You will also find a wide selection of absinthe, whiskey and champagne, a truly paradise.
It ‘s very advisable to book, as they often do not find place to sit and Hemingway rules impose a ban on drinking standing (to not disturb other customers). So if you want to enter this bar among the things to do in Prague you have to be patient.
But there is an alternative: the Cash Bar Only, to the same property and the same quality, but a bit more casual and often less attended.

Ultimately, whatever your passions and whatever you fancy, visiting Prague will be a memorable experience.
Here are the main things to see in Prague and the main things to do in Prague, at least in my opinion.

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