How to visit Pompeii. What to see? How to get?

How to visit Pompeii? In this post we will see what to do and what to see in Pompeii, how to get and I’ll give you some useful information such as the reference site, opening hours of the attractions and ticket costs.
One of the first questions is how to get to Pompeii. Well, the location is well connected and then you can visit Pompeii starting from Naples and Salerno.

How to visit Pompeii! How to get?

A day visit in Pompeii RuinsFROM NAPLES
To get to Pompeii from Naples you can use the Circumvesuviana and get on any Naples-Sorrento train line. The correct train stop is Pompei-Scavi, so you’d immerse yourself immediately in two thousand years of history. There are several stations of the Circumvesuviana to Pompeii, but this is the nearest to the excavations. You can also choose the Naples-Poggiomarino Circumvesuviana line.
To visit Pompei you can also use the Trenitalia line. Starting from Naples the time needed to reach Pompei is about 35 minutes.
To get to Pompeii from Salerno, however, the best solution is to use the Trenitalia line.
From both cities you can visit Pompeii moving by car and using the A3 motorway.
For those wishing to get to Pompeii from Rome, here is a useful link.

Visit Pompeii! What to see?

In a previous post, visit Pompeii in a day, I wrote a long on excavations of Pompeii. So in this article I will describe the other attractions of this small town.
Among the main things to see in Pompeii there are undoubtedly the Shrine of Pompeii, founded by Bartolo Longo, who has headed the eponymous square as the cathedral. On 8 May and on the first Sunday in October here there are hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world to celebrate the Supplication to Our Lady of Pompeii. The basilica has three aisles accompanied by three altars that are combined behind the apse. The nave culminates in  57 meters high dome.
While you decide to visit Pompeii don’t forget Villa of the Mysteries especially for the series of frescoes showing Dionysian mysteries that still you ignore the real meaning.
Characterized by over seventy decorated and frescoed rooms, many of which were used for dinners and social events, Villa of the Mysteries is located slightly outside the old city walls.

If you visit Pompeii still not satisfied you, you have to know that from here is very easy to reach the top of Mount Vesuvius.

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