Visiting the Roman Forum in Rome

Visiting the Roman Forum in Rome. Among the things worth seeing in Rome, at the top, we find the Forum Rome. Discover today how to visit the Roman Forum in Rome, what to see and how to achieve it.
The Roman Forum, Forum Romanum in latin, it was called 2000 years ago Magnum Forum and was located in the valley between the Palatine and the Capitol. This Imperial Forum was the center of life of the capital of the Empire, the nerve center of religious celebrations, political, commercial.
Even in a 3 days visit in Rome, the Roman Forum is an inescapable stage.
You are deciding to visit the Roman Forum in Rome, and you have a lot of confusion between the Roman Forum and the Imperial Forums. Le’s understand better.

Visiting the Roman Forum in Rome. What is the difference between the Roman Forum and the Imperial Forums?

Visiting the Roman Forum in RomeThe Roman Forum is the old Republican Square, on the Palatine Hill, where virtually born the first settlement of Rome and therefore already for the ancients had a strong symbolic value. But the Roman Forum was not a simple square, and, in time, took on the dimensions and the connotation of a real neighborhood.
The Imperial Forums were built by different emperors that began from there to build their palaces with the clear marketing purpose.
In conclusion it can be said that the Roman Forum came to contain the Imperial Forum. In short, visiting the Roman Forum in Rome also means admire the different Imperial Forums because their location is in one place.

Visiting the Roman Forum in Rome. What to do and what to see?

Describe the feeling you have to be in the biggest square of the Roman Empire is virtually impossible, and it is impossible to give information on all the wonders to his inside.
Visiting the Roman Forum in Rome is an opportunity to admire the Column of Phocas, the Source of Joint, the ancient Comitium, the Basilica Emilia, the Temple of Caesar, the Temple of Vesta, the Temple of Castor, the Arch of Augustus . In short, the findings are so many and invaluable.

Visiting the Roman Forum in Rome. How to do it?

It’s possible to reach the Roman Forum by bus: 60 – 75 – 84 – 85 – 87 – 117 – 175 – 186 – 271 – 571 – 810 – 850. I advise to reach it by Metro B, getting off at Colosseo station.
There’s a ticket to visit the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill with a single ticket from € 12, prenotatile online from here. The closing days are: January 1st, May 1st, December 25th.
Visiting the Roman Forum in Rome? Now you know how to do it!

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