Visiting Underground Naples

Visiting Underground Naples is to immerse yourself in a multitude of tunnels which run through under Naples. If you’re curious, if you like exploring in a different way Naples, if you are not scared to be off several meters below the ground slipping into tiny crevices, visiting Naples Underground will surprise and excite you.
The subsoil of Naples has more ancient origins than the city. The first artefacts of underground excavations date back to about 5,000 years ago, near the end of the prehistoric era, then the Greeks withdrew large amounts of tuff for the construction of walls and temples while the Romans continued the excavations to build a major aqueduct.
Visiting Naples Underground means retracing the ancient history of the city through layers of rock, tunnels and gorges.

Visiting Underground Naples and discover its history

Visiting Underground NaplesWe have just mentioned the ancient history of the tunnels of Underground Naples, however, their story does not end in Roman times.
The ancient Roman aqueduct was in use until the early 1600s, when several rain tanks were not able to hold the water for the Naples needing. So in 1629 a Neapolitan nobleman, Carmignano, built a new aqueduct. But the Neapolitans continued to dig tunnels for take more water until the beginning of 1900. That’s why I wrote that visiting Underground Naples is a unique and different way to discover the city. Each tunnel has an history, a written, a sign, a manuscript which tell a slice of life. Therefore, in the early 1900s they abandon network of tunnels and tanks of more than 2 million square meters and that crossed the length and breadth of the city. Underground Naples continued his life with the outbreak of World War II, and the consequent bombing, where ancient tunnels were used as shelters.
After World War Underground Naples was abandoned another once, and that’s why now, some of these cavities are no longer accessible, obstructed by debris illegally downloaded through wells which connected streets and buildings to the deep ground.

When and how to visit Underground Naples?

How to reach and visit Underground Naples? There are two Underground Naples entrance. The first one is in Piazza San Gaetano where the trip takes about two hours. From here you can visit Underground Naples every day throughout the year from 10 to 18. The inputs occur every hour and tours are in Italian and English.
Groups of 10 people or more, can visit Underground Naples even at 21 in the evening. You can also book tours with guides in other languages.
The other access is from Piazza Trieste e Trento, in front of Bar Gambrinus, where the trip takes about 60 minutes. Here the excursions take place on Thursday at 21, on Saturdays  at 10, at 12 and 18. On Sundays and public holidays the visit is scheduled at 10, at 11, at 12 and 18.
Summing up the addresses for visiting Underground Naples are two: Piazza San Gaetano 68 near Spaccanapoli and Piazza Trieste e Trento near Plebiscito Square.
Now you know how to visit Naples Underground.

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