What to see and what to do in Ortigia, Syracuse, Sicily

What to see and what to do in Ortigia, Syracuse, in Sicily? Visiting the Ortigia Island is without doubt a major experiences to live when you decide to spend your holidays in Syracuse, or more generally in Sicily.
The Ortigia Island, Syracuse’s called Ottigia in dialect, is known in English as Ortygia Island. The popularity of this small island is due to its antiquity, in fact, this place is the oldest part of Syracuse in Sicily.
Believe me, it’s indescribable the number of things to see and things to do in Ortigia despite its small size and its 4500 inhabitants. I visited this island for a few hours and only once in my life, but I felt in love.
Here I explain where you should stay in Syracuse.

What to see in Ortigia? Best things to see in the small island

what to do in ortigia
Pic by Agostino Sella via Flickr under CC license

Among the main things to see on the Ortigia Island in Syracuse, I recommend you not miss the Temple of Apollo, dated a few centuries before Christ. The Temple of Apollo is located near the Pancali Square in Syracuse.
One of the most fascinating things to see in Ortigia is the fish market. In fact, here you can see the catch of the day and the frantic work of merchants, fishermen and buyers. On the benches of the fish market of Ortigia it is easy to find shrimp, urchins, sea bream, sea bass, swordfish, tuna, prawns, shrimp, urchins, sea bream, sea bass, octopus.
If still you wonder what to see in Ortigia, here is a short list: Church of the Holy Spirit on the seafront, Maniace Castel, Duomo Square.

Top things to do in Ortigia, Syracuse, Sicily

By visiting the Island of Ortigia you will think you are in a capital by the number of things to do and things to see on Ortigia, despite of its size.
If you’re wondering what to do in Ortigia you will no doubt imagine that the sea is one of the attractions of this island. Personally, I recommend going the Protected Area of Plemmirio to enjoy a dip in the blue. Protected Area of Plemmirio is undoubtedly among the things to do in Ortigia for two reasons. On the one hand you can enjoy a few hours of relaxation at the seaside, on the other hand there are many opportunities for snorkeling or diving.
The Opera dei Pupi is undoubtedly the best answer to the question what to do in Ortigia with children. In fact, despite the Opera dei Pupi was dedicated to the children of lords in the past, sometimes you can see this show from the waterfront streets.
Another thing to do in Ortigia is walk on the islet promenade. In fact, in the morning, at sunset and in the evening this place offers an incredible spectacle of lights.

Things to see and things to do in Ortigia! But we also see how to reach the island of Ortigia

I imagine that you are reading this this post to find out what to do or what to see in Ortigia Ortigia. However, before starting the usual list of things to visit I will explain how to reach the island of Ortigia, or Ortygia Island.
To get to Ortigia by plane the best solution is to get to the airport of Catania (Fontanarossa). From this airport it is easy to reach Siracusa by bus, by train, by taxi or car.
But how to get to Ortigia from Syracuse? Easy! From the Syracuse station in Sicily there is a bus every 30 minutes to the Isle of Ortigia.
Now that you know how to get to Ortigia, you just need to look for things to see and things to do in Ortigia!

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