What to do in Sorrento! What to see in Sorrento!

When summer comes more and more people choose as their travel destination the Sorrento Peninsula and, therefore, they wonder what to do in Sorrento. So, here I am to describe one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Italy in summer.
What to do in Sorrento in a day? What to see in Sorrento in two days? Things to do in Sorrento in 3 days? They are all typical questions which literally flock web and search engines probably because the Sorrento Peninsula is the port of many cruise ships. However, I want to note that despite the small size Sorrento is a lovely place, very relaxing and full of interesting places, where it would be nice to stop for a little more time, and to enjoy and visit the adjacent villages.
Then I’ll divide this guide into several blocks which correspond to the possible days of staying.

What to do in Sorrento in one day?

what to see in sorrentoIn a day visit in Sorrento, maybe coming from a cruise or a day trip from Naples (by the way, if you need information on how to make a day trip from Naples to Sorrento follow the link) wondering what to see and what to do in Sorrento is almost an understatement. In fact, the pearl of the Sorrento Peninsula has a long history dating back to Roman Times in Campania. We must keep a balance between dips in the crystal clear waters, fantastic gardens, places of architectural interest and the local cuisine.
Let’s start with the basics, among things to do in Sorrento in one day visit can not miss a dip in the sea, the best beaches of Sorrento are, at least in my opinion, The Queen Giovanna Baths and La Solara. However for those who want to keep low their budget you have to know that there are many free beaches.
What to see in Sorrento in a day vist? Among the things to do in Sorrento there is definitely visiting the Correale Museum, getting lost through the streets of the village, enjoying perfect lemon ice cream in the main square, and perhaps visit the Church of St. Francis of Assisi with its small cloister.

What to do in Sorrento in two days?

How to get from Naples to SorrentoBeing able to stay one night, describing what to see and what to do in Sorrento becomes absolutely more simple. Obviously, imagining that you will follow the previous itinerary, for the second day between the things to do in Sorrento we find: the ancient fishing village of Marina Grande, the Medieval Quarter, the Museum of Wood Inlay in Pomarici Santomasi Palace, in which we can admire furniture and wooden objects, paintings, prints and period photographs.
But what to do in Sorrento in two days? We are in a sea and relax place! Besides the beaches indicated, I recommend you make an excursion in the Siren Grotto (Grotta delle Sirene in italian), where the sea and light create bright and changeable colors.
Of course, among the things to do in Sorrento can not miss to do sea activities. They are quite simple to book: diving, parasailing, fishing and so on.

What to do in Sorrento in three days or more?

At this point it seems that there is no more to see in Sorrento, and yet this small village will continue to amaze you. Tasso Theatre, Cathedral of Sorrento, Italy Street, the Main Villa, the Basilica of St. Anthony, the Ancient Walls, the Valley of the Mills, they all are places of interest and they should not be missed. Having three days to visit the Sorrento Peninsula and the surroundings will allow you to reach easily and quickly: Naples, Amalfi, Positano, Capri, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius. In short, visiting Sorrento in 3 days will allow you to fully enjoy this magnificent and beautiful territory. And I have not yet talked about food, in fact, the thing to do in Sorrento is absolutely enjoying good food, perhaps in the company.

What to do in Sorrento, but also what to eat in Sorrento and Sorrento Coast

what to do in sorrentoNow that we have discovered what to see in Sorrento, we just have to find out what are the best things to eat in this small town, but in general on the Sorrento Peninsula.
One of the things to eat in Sorrento is Sorrento Baby, a kind of particularly sweet cheese. Among the things to taste there are some typical products famous worldwide, such as limoncello, a liqueur derived from lemons. Of course, wondering what to eat in Sorrento considering the paltry distance from the sea is almost a rhetorical question. Throughout the Sorrento Cast you can enjoy excellent seafood: mussel soup, linguine with clams or scampi, fried squids and shrimps, anchovies, sea bass, sea bream and snappers.

Obviously, when we are wondering what to do in Sorrento in summer we must not forget that here there are many events, especially concerts and fashion shows. Among the most popular events there are the Film Days, an event that includes many internationally renowned artists. Far from the summer events we can’t forget the secular procession of Good Friday, held in the Holy Easter Week, and the traditional events of the Christmas Period.

Now we know what to see and what to do in Sorrento. To find out how to get from Naples to Sorrento follow the link.

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