What to eat in Sicily

What to eat in Sicily? If you are planning your holiday in the beautiful Trinacria in the South of Italy, inquire in advance about where to go and what to eat in Sicily, drawing up a diary, so you do not get lost among the many cultural attractions offered by this beautiful earth warm and sunny. If you do not want to draw up your own list, you can follow my advice and you will not regret.
We have often said that Sicily is a fantastic land, we wrote what to see and what to do. However, so far we have only marginally wrote on food and so here’s a list of things to eat in Sicily.

What to eat in Sicily, from sweet to savory the choice is yours

Sarde a Beccafico
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What to eat in Sicily? There are spoiled for choice, from sweet to savory, from appetizers to main course there are many unique and special variants, related to the culture of the place.
Things to eat in Sicily represent the ancient Sicilian tradition cultivated and remained tied to the ancient culinary traditions.
Sicily is really wide and has many provinces located in opposite points, with different dishes and typical.
For example, if you go in Trapani, you can not miss the Cous Cous Trapanese prepared with seafood specialties and lots of crunchy seasonal vegetables.
This dish comes from the regions of North Africa and is engaged in the tradition of Trapani food and wine.

What to eat in Sicily, there is something for all hours

things to eat in Sicily
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Among the main things to eat in Sicily there are Arancini (or Arancine) famous all over the world, but do not forget to pay attention to other, perhaps lesser known, dishes and recipes that make Sicilian cuisine specia and unique.
The typical day of holiday in Sicily begins with a special breakfast: granita with brioche, preferably almond, although, in fact, today this delight is offered in many flavors, including lemon, coffee, chocolate or with various fruits. Not to mention the different formats and fillings for pastries.
If you want to continue the day enjoying a different drink than usual, in mid-morning you can enjoy a nice glass of cold almond milk to be joined to some pearly sweet, that is, the good typical local candied fruit. Also great for a snack.
If you want something with a strong salty taste, there are excellent Bruschette with tomato, cut into cubes flavored with anchovy paste; lovers of fresh flavor may like this appetizer with sardines and mixed at the same tomato. A specialty among the things to eat in Sicily.
You can have lunch with a nice main course to the taste of the sea: mussels, clams and sea urchins, to enjoy a pasta with an unforgettable flavor. Of course, when you think about what to eat in Sicily you cannot forget the famous pasta with sardines.
One of the main Sicilian dish, if you are in the Syracuse area, is Pasta alla Norma with chunks of eggplant combined with a sprinkling of ricotta cheese, it will leave you stunned.

Things to eat in Sicily: main dishes, side dishes, desserts and digestive

Sicilian Cassata
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The main courses and the contours are a true delight among the things to eat in Sicily, with an ancient artisan preparation and the typical scents of the island. Recall for example the fried shrimp and squid rings, slightly moist and covered with a golden veil and crunchy crumbs or flour. A dish to be enjoyed hot or even lukewarm; unforgettable, the taste of the sea is strong and determined.
And now for the greedy we see what to eat in Sicily for a sweet and delicious taste. After enjoying an unforgettable dinner, treat yourself to a digestive to end your meal: a special sorbet, if you go to this island, it is absolutely one of the things to teaste in Sicily.
Taste and enjoy a nice cake to complete the meal: a nice slice of cake, Cassata Siciliana or the good Viennese cake, whose name could possibly be fooled, but it is a Sicilian dessert made of ice cream, typical of Syracuse. It looks like a nice little triangle composed of two layers of sponge cake, filled with chocolate ice cream and a cream, then have a final covering with glaze with dark chocolate and with a final touch of candied red cherry. A delight that will captivate you. Do not forget also the Sicilian Cannoli filled with ricotta and candied fruit, sublime.

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