Where to sleep safely in Naples?

Where to sleep safely in Naples? Before writing of zones and areas of Naples to avoid let me give you a small premise. Many travelers who decide to visit Naples wonder where is a quiet area to stay, however, to be fair, Naples is more or less safe as other cities of Italy and the world. Napoli is often on the newspapers for Camorra facts or other facts related to the crime, however, these events happen only in certain neighborhoods. So where to sleep safely in Naples? In this post I will mention a few quiet neighborhoods and the districts less appropriate to stay, of course, you have to respect the common sense rules.

Where to sleep safely in Naples? The best neighborhoods to stay

Plebiscito SquareNow we discover the best neighborhoods to stay safely in Naples starting from the center.
Plebiscito Square, Chiaia, Mergellina, Saint Lucia are, without doubt, the most safely area, but also the most expensive. They are well connected, well-lit and generally safe.
The Old Town is a good mobility area in Naples and it can be a good answer to the question “Where to sleep safely in Naples?”, but be careful and don’t book in the Spanish Quarter or in the center lanes because they can be bumpy, poorly lit and poorly attended in late night.
Many tourist snub some Naples area very quiet as Bagnoli, Fuorigrotta or Vomero because they are far from the main monuments. Actually they allow to reach the center in 20 minutes by public transport or taxi.

Where to sleep safely in Naples? The districts to be avoided

The areas where absolutely no sleep in Naples if you plan to safely spend your holiday feeling free to walk back to the late night are: Garibaldi Square near Central Station, Secondigliano, Gianturco, San Giovanni, San Giorgio a Cremano , Barra, Ponticelli.
Excluding these areas, remember that to sleep safely in Naples is not difficult. Just avoid isolated roads, don’t walk in the night after 2pm, walk in groups, walk in well-lit streets. In short, the usual common sense rules.

Now that you know where to sleep safely in Naples I can only wish you a good journey.

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