Why visit Italy?

Why visit Italy? When I lived in England a Russian friend asked me if I could give a short answer to this question. I answerd as I could but I have to admit that I could not give simple reasons. This is the reason for this post, today I will try to explain why visit Italy in the most simple and clear way, at least I hope so.

Why visit Italy? Perhaps for the story

why visit italyWhile the civilization cradle is the Mesopotamia, it is equally true that Italy and Greece can be considered the civilization cradle as we know it today. The greatness of the Roman people has remained unmatched for centuries and you can see traces of such greatness in every corner in Italy, from the Colosseum in Rome to the beautiful Pompeii. In short, visit Italy is like immersing yourself in a never-ending story, and it’s the why Rome is
called the Eternal City.
However, if you like the history I do not think that when you wonder why visit Italy you have any doubts about its story, and then I will try to give you other reasons.

Why visit Italy? Food and wine

The Italian cuisine is among the most famous in the world and the Mediterranean diet is considered the most balanced and healthy diet. Pasta, pizza, sausages, and good wine are just a small part of Italian cuisine which is divided into a multitude of local cuisine.
From savory to sweet the Italy is rich of typical dishes, served everywhere cheaply. Be sitted at the table in Italy is a moment of pleasure and sharing, that sharing can also be a word with the waiter while we taste a good wine or good beer. Yes Beer, because visit Italy is also to discover that there are also excellent breweries.

Why visit Italy? For culture and music

Italian style, fashion, made in Italy, the luxury are known and recognized worldwide. But it’s not just that. If you wonder why visit Italy you need discover that there are artists in every age and in every discipline: painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, music. Some names? Michelangelo, Giotto, Raphael, Caravaggio, Vivaldi but the list is really long. Lovers of culture and art: Italy is definitely the place for you.
In every city there is a great museum with priceless collections, the National Museum in Naples, the Vatican Museums in Rome, the Uffizi in Florence. In short, there’s something for all tastes.

Visit Italy and its scenic beauty

If you still wonder why visit Italy, try to image its scenic beauty. Do you prefer the sea? The Adriatic sea from the chaos of Rimini and Riccione to the calm of Puglia or the Tyrrhenian coast with Capri, Procida, Ischia, Ventotene. In short, Italy is surrounded by sea and it can almost be considered a huge island in the Mediterranean.
Do you prefer the mountain? In winter, the beauty of the Alps and Apennines whitewashed by the snow has no equal, and you can practically ski everywhere, while in spring and summer you can go trekking, rafting or just enjoy nature in the countryside.

Now you know why visit Italy.

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